Welcome Parents!

  • Welcome parents to the 2023-2024 school year! We are so excited about this year and our academic goals for your children. Please remember, we need you!  You are the most important key to helping your child be successful. All of the Northridge teachers and staff will be here to help you and your child in any way we can. The resources on this website are here for you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call.

    School Information:

    School Phone Number: 205-759-3590

    Principal: Dr. Jessica Williams

    Assistant Principal: Mr. Jeff Cameron  

    Assistant Principal: Mrs. Jamesia Lewis-Armistead

    School Secretary: Brigitte Williams, ext. 3401

    School Bookkeeper: Meridith Johnson, ext. 3404

    Registrar: Misty Calhoun, ext. 3408

    Athletic Director: Tracy Dunn

    Counselors: Ms. Tamar Wilson (12th), Ms. Mallie Humber (11th), Ms. Sherrilyn Dovi (10th), Ms. Haley Tolbert (9th)

    Library: Marcie Irvin and Danielle Stephenson, ext. 3434

    NHS Cafeteria: Brittany Powell, ext. 3421