Visiting Our Schools

  • Making selections about your child's education can't always be done online. Sometimes, you just need to speak with someone in person. Schedule an appointment to meet with the leadership of a prospective school or drop by to shake their hand and say hi. We value parental involvement; however, safety is our top priority that's why we use a visitor management screening process.


    The visitor management system will require all visitors to TCS facilities to present government-issued identification, including a U.S. driver's license or U.S. Passport, before entering the building beyond the main office.


    Your ID will be run through the visitor management system, which conducts a quick background check against a national sex offender database. Once processed, visitors and guests are provided temporary identification badges.


    This process takes approximately 30 seconds on your initial visit and then recognizes you on returning visits.


    See how this process works below.