Overdrive Information

Sora(Overdrive) Information


         If you are a student in the TCS, you may download audiobooks and eBooks from the library throught Clever, anytime, anywhere and it's FREE! The app is called SORA by Overdrive.

          In Sora, you can browse the collection, check out books (limit 4), read them in your browser OR download to PC, Mac®, and many mobile devices. Titles will automatically expire a the end of the lending period.


         To get started, log into Clever.  A link to Clever is included on the Library Home Page under Links.


         Not every title is appropriate for every grade level.  In addition to age-appropriateness, family standards may vary widely.  To help avoid inappropriate choices, the collection can be searched by grade level.  If a parent does not want their child to download a particular type of book, then they should communicate that to their child. If a parent does not want their student to have access to the digital lending library, they should also communicate that to their school, and access will be blocked for that student.  In this way, all our system's    students will have engaging, age-appropriate digital books available to them.


         With hundreds of titles to choose from, this collection is guaranteed to have something for everyone.  Once again, this service is FREE to all Tuscaloosa City School students.


         We hope you enjoy the Tuscaloosa City Schools digital library!