A Brief Overview of the Tuscaloosa City Schools

  • The Tuscaloosa City Schools strive to: 

    • Continually improve academic achievement and enrichment through quality instruction for all students
    • Foster a system-wide culture of innovation
    • Develop an inclusive environment with high academic standards
    • Improve communication within TCS and within all stakeholders

    TCS has a well-rounded academic program designed to prepare students for college or career. From Pre-K to magnet programs, from performing arts programs to an innovative career technical program, there is something for all learning styles. The system's Pre-K program has doubled in size over the past 10 years and now stands at 24 classrooms serving students systemwide. The system's graduation rate is 86 percent and rising, and the Class of 2016 garnered more than $16 million in scholarship offers. 

    The Tuscaloosa City Schools also has a strong commitment to professional development. Of the more than 760 certified staff members, 68 percent hold advanced degrees. TCS is dedicated to growing accomplished teaching through individualized professional learning opportunities, including the development of a comprehensive National Board Certification support system. 

Key Statistics

  • Enrollment

    • Total students: 10,611
    • Free or reduced lunch: 65%
    • Black: 71%
    • White: 22%
    • Hispanic: 4%
    • Asian: 2%


    • Elementary: 11
    • K-8: 1
    • Middle: 4
    • High: 3
    • Specialty: 2


    Operating Budget

    • $125,277,044


    • Local: 41%
    • State: 39%
    • Federal: 19%
    • Other: 1%