Student Achievement Institute

Closing the Opportunity Gap

  • Reflect on your practice and purpose in serving all students at the Tuscaloosa City Schools' Student Achievement Institute. 

    It’s an opportunity to collaborate with your coworkers while earning microcredential and/or professional development credit to set you apart and demonstrate your professional commitment to improving student outcomes for all children!

    Nearly 200 TCS educators attended the system's first Student Achievement Institute! As an incentive for attendance, participating employees* can exchange the time dedicated to professional development on those Saturdays for the last contract day for teachers of the year, May 30, 2017.  Attendees who attend both SAI events will receive May 30 off. Those who attend only the second session will receive a half-day off on May 30.

    To be eligible for this benefit, you must:

    • Sign the Memorandum of Understanding
    • Attend event sessions and stay for the duration
    • Ensure that all school check-out procedures (e.g. grades, inventory) are completed prior to May 30, 2017.

    *Only instructional staff, to include teachers and administrators, are eligible for the exchange of time.

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Key Details

  • Session 2: Saturday, October 29
    8:15 a.m. - 2:25 p.m.


    • You Are Not Feeling Me: Emotional Intelligence in Boys
    • Restorative Practices
    • Write for Justice
    • Family Matters
    • No Opt Out: Student Engagement 
    • Culturally Responsive Classroom Management: A Practitioner's Approach
    • You Can't Grow Flowers in the Desert
    • Student Voice: Can You Hear Me Now?
    • Educate, Motivate, Activate Boys of Color
    • Blind Spots: Implicit Bias in the Classroom