Tentative Course Offerings:

  • Agriscience Pathway

    Fundamentals of Agriscience
    Fish and Wildlife Management
    Aquaculture Science
    Intermediate Agriscience
    Aqua Experience
    Intro to Vet Medicine
    Senior Pathway Project


    Building Construction Pathway

    NCCER Construction I: Framing
    NCCER Construction II: Site Prep 
    NCCER Construcion III: Finishing
    Cabinetmaking I
    Senior Pathway Project


    Electrical Technology Pathway

    Electrical Tech I
    Electrical Tech II
    Electrical Tech III
    DC Currents
    AC Currents
    Senior Pathway Project


    Welding Pathway

    Welding I
    Welding II
    Welding III
    Welding IV
    Senior Pathway Project

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