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    The Tuscaloosa City Schools Transportation Department provides school bus transportation to and from school and school-sponsored events to our students who qualify.  We maintain a fleet of 130 buses, with routes serving every area of the city.  Our buses travel over 6400 miles and transport over 7000 students each day. 

    TCS employs 120 bus drivers, bus aides, and maintenance staff.  Our school bus drivers must have a Commercial Driver License with Passenger and School Bus endorsements, as well as pass a background check and drug screening in order to train to become a school bus driver.  They undergo a rigorous training program at the local level before attending classes taught by Alabama State Department of Education/Pupil Transportation Instructors, after which they must pass written and performance testing prior to being allowed to drive a school bus.  They are truly a caring, quality group of professionals.

    The inspection and maintenance section of the Transportation Department is exemplary.  With a staff of topnotch mechanics, our buses are among the safest in the nation.  The buses are on rotation through a monthly preventive maintenance inspection program, and are examined annually by the Alabama State Department of Education Inspectors.  Our staff continues to demonstrate quality service, being recognized as one of the top school bus maintenance departments in the state.

    Bus shop staff

    Tuscaloosa City Schools recently purchased 73 new school buses, with 63 of those being fueled by propane.  There are plans to replace all route buses that are older than 10 years in order to ensure the safest transportation possible for our students.

    All TCS school buses are equipped with two-way radios, digital video recording equipment, and a system called “Child Checkmate,” to prevent a student from being left unattended on the school bus.  We utilize a computer program to maintain and monitor routes.  All schools are given route information in order to assist families with bus stop and time information.  In order to maximize the use of our resources, most buses operate on a two-tier system, transporting two separate loads of students each morning and afternoon.

    Our mission is to provide the safest, most efficient transportation service to our students and their families.   It is our pleasure to serve the students and families of Tuscaloosa City Schools.


  • Transportation
    Ron Schappacher
    Director of Transportation