Mrs. Hamilton

  • My name is Stephanie Hamilton, and I am the library media specialist at Central Elementary School. I am originally from Pell City, Alabama but have called Tuscaloosa home since 2006. I attended the University of Alabama, as well as Jacksonville State University and Mississippi State University, for my bachelor's degree in Geography/Meteorology and Broadcasting. I returned to the University of Alabama to obtain my master's in library and information studies and graduated in 2015. I have worked in public libraries, church libraries, academic libraries, archives, and school libraries. I love to run half-marathons, obsess over anything related to Harry Potter, Beauty and the Beast, or Star Wars. I'm married to my wonderful husband John who is also a school librarian. We have two sons and three cats. I love it at Central Elementary and can't wait to see my students each week!


    Personal Philosophy

    As a Library Media specialist, it is my job to encourage students to ask questions, be curious, explore, and learn. The library is a place that contains knowledge you could not otherwise acquire, allows to you travel to places you could never imagine, and gives experiences that you could never have otherwise. It is my responsibility to ensure all students have access to materials they need and want. This may not alway be accomplished fully, but it is my duty to know what the wants and needs of the students and teachers are, and to meet them to the best of my ability.

    Library services for students should be rendered simply and effectively. Services should be appropriately for all students and meet their individual needs. The library should provide services to students for both their academic endeavors and their personal inquiries.

    As a Library Media Specialist, my role in the library should be both teacher and facilitator. I aim to educate students on library practices, literature appreciation, authors, research techniques, and digital citizenship. My role in the school should be to be the go-to person for teachers, faculty, and students to find help with supplementary materials and information for their lessons, as well as be a knowledgable source of up-and-coming resources and information-gathering methods.

    I feel the five roles of Empowering Learners (leader, instructional partner, information specialist, teacher, program administrator) should all work together to make the library not only a central location of learning and understanding, but also allow its resources and my personal resources to reach outside the walls of the library and integrate into the school itself. All five roles include integrating technology for the 21st century learner while meeting the standards required, which as the LMS seems to be one of my greatest responsibilities. Empowering students, collaborating with teachers and administration, integrating technology, and serving as a teacher-librarian all make my job as the LMS vital to the school as a whole.

  • Ms. Frost

     Stephanie Hamilton, MLIS
    Library Media Specialist