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  • Elizabeth Hancock
    Coordinator of Instructional Technology

    Instructional Technology Team:                       Keith Summerford, Aishia Daffin-Wilson,           Shanda Hart, Elizabeth Hancock,                Amanda Walker, Cherelle Young, John Walker

TCS Instructional Technology Blog

  • Pear Deck

    Posted by Elizabeth Hancock on 4/14/2022

    Pear Deck

    TCS is happy to announce that we have become a  Pear Deck Premium customer. Teachers can create blended learning content with this versatile tool that supports teacher feedback and student engagement. Learn more from our Pear Deck Launch document

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  • January 2022 Technology Checklist

    Posted by Elizabeth Hancock on 1/3/2022


    Review this Technology Checklist to ensure success in the coming semester.

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  • January 2022 Grading Reminders

    Posted by Elizabeth Hancock on 1/3/2022

    Here are critical grading reminders as we wrap up the fall and begin the spring semester. 

    1. Complete your grade category check for the current term. 

    2. If you have made any manual updates to grades directly in PowerTeacher-Pro, recalculate grades before finalizing your grades for the term. You can do this in PT-Pro by clicking the gear and selecting Recalculate Final Grades

    3. Review the guidelines for reporting grades for quarter two. 

      1. HS teachers who gave exams, be sure to read pg. 6 of your document with care. 

    4. Once you are done with grading for this term, check your grade settings for the spring terms. 

      1. Grades 9-12: Use this Initial Grading Set-Up slide deck. 

      2. Grades 3-8: Use this Mid-Year Grading Check slide deck.

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