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    The Tuscaloosa City Schools Instructional Technology Team is committed to implementing the digital transformation by engaging, empowering, and assisting all teachers, students, and stakeholders to become lifelong learners who are prepared to thrive in the future.  


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  • Limited Access to Shortened URLs

    Posted by Elizabeth Hancock on 9/25/2018
    • Shortened URLs, such as those created with services like and can be used to provide access to inappropriate content and as a vector for malware.
    • TCS blocks students from accessing shortened URLs. This means that when students click on shortened URLs, they will not be able to view the content.
    • There are many ways to provide access to long URLs.
      • Embed URL links in documents, web pages, and email messages, such as this link to our Instructional Technology Resources web page.
      • Provide links in Canvas (grades 6-12), Google Classroom (elementary), or your individual Teacher Page in Clever (click link for directions).
      • Bookmark frequently visited URLs.
    • Currently TCS does not block employee access to shortened URLs.
    • All employees are reminded to never click a shortened link from an unknown source and never provide confidential information in digital forms that request such information.


    Click to view our guidance document. 

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  • Curate Teacher Page in Clever

    Posted by Elizabeth Hancock on 9/18/2018

    In Clever teachers can create custom pages with resources not currently included in the district Clever portal. 

    Get the details at 

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  • YouTube Channels for Students

    Posted by Elizabeth Hancock on 9/18/2018
    • All students have limited access to YouTube content.
    • TCS provides student access to some YouTube channels (listed below) that provide high quality learning resources.
    • Additional channels must be reviewed and approved before they can be made available to students. Teachers can request review of a channel by completing this form. These requests will be reviewed quarterly or more often when possible.
    • For more information, please see our guidance related to Streaming and Video in TCS Classrooms

    YouTube Channels “Whitelisted” for Student Access

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