TCS Position Statement on Middle-Level Education

  • Tuscaloosa City Schools declares that young adolescence is a critical developmental stage and an opportunity to seize, not a deficit to be overcome. Understanding young adolescence and basing decisions on that understanding is key to a successful middle school. We believe that every student can learn and deserves to be held to high expectations. The education of young adolescents must be relevant to them personally and must serve to empower them. 

    Tuscaloosa City Middle Schools will therefore 
    -engage in developmentally responsive policies and practices
    -equitably provide every student a challenging, exploratory and relevant curriculum
    -empower all students with the knowledge, skills and support they need to take control of their lives 

    Tuscaloosa City Schools commits to the following 
    -Each student will be valued for the uniqueness and opportunity inherent in young adolescence 
    -Each student will build critical thinking, communication, collaborative, and problem solving skills by engaging in active, purposeful learning experiences  
    -Each student will practice the skills of responsible citizenship and leadership, including acts of service to their community 
    -Each student will represent her/his school in at least one extra- or co-curricular event during middle school 
    -Each student will participate in a school-level health and wellness program 
    -Each student will lead a face to face conference regarding his/her learning with families and school personnel at least once each year 
    -Each student will develop a written plan for her/his high school education based on personal interests and experiences 
    -Each student’s academic and personal development will be guided and supported by an adult advocate 
    -Each student’s schedule will be “team” based; structured to allow small groups of teachers to know a team of students deeply and support them well  
    -Each student will be guided to grow as a digital citizen and empowered learner 

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