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     This week seniors will be receiving at reminder about any unpaid CLASS fees as well as unpaid GRADUATION fees.  There is a difference between the two. Class fees are accrued from certain classes (Art, Career Tech Courses, etc.) or books throughout their high school tenure (The last four years).  The graduation fee must be paid to participate in the ceremony on May 19th.  This fee covers cap/gown, stole, diploma, diploma cover, graduation fee, and final transcript. 

    YOUR STUDENT’S SPELLING OF HIS/HER NAME will be in this memo.  We pull this information from INow.  If it is wrong in our database, it could possibly be INCORRECT on your child’s diploma.  Please look over the spelling of your senior’s name and tell him/her to see me if a correction needs to be made.  Corrections must be made by February 28th. 

     If your student has received any scholarship awards (Regardless if he/she is attending that particular school. Regardless if he/she is utilizing the money.) will be included.  If I have missed your child's award, PLEASE let me know!!! Let's set a record this year!!!

     Also, the type of diploma your student will be receiving will be indicated.  We have Academic Distinction and Standard.  PLEASE make sure you discuss this with your senior.  Distinction diploma requirements are listed below.  IF THERE ARE ANY MISTAKES OR QUESTIONS, PLEASE CONTACT ME:)


    Academic Distinction Requirements

    All requirements must be met to receive this diploma.

    2--AP/Dual Enrollment Courses

    2--Foreign Language courses (sequence) – included in CTE/Foreign Language/Fine Arts requirement

    Physics (included in 1 of 4 Science requirements)

    Algebra II w/Trig (included in 1 of 4 Math requirements)

    Maintain 3.0 Weighted GPA












    Additional Information and Opportunities


    ACT announced its plans to launch ACT® Academy™, a free online learning tool and test practice program designed to help students master the skills they need to improve their ACT scores and succeed in college and career. The program will be launched in March.  Visit for more information. 


    ACT Newsroom & Blog: ACT to Launch ACT Academy, a Free ...

    ACT is a mission-driven nonprofit organization. Our insights unlock potential and create solutions for K-12 education, college, and career readiness.

      University of Alabama--The faculty of the Department of Art and Art History invites applications for our departmental scholarships from incoming art and art history students. These scholarships are distributed annually to incoming majors in Studio Art or Art History. Awards are based on the quality of the student’s work, as evaluated by our full-time faculty. After beginning their studies at the University, students may apply for scholarships earmarked for the department’s continuing students.  See attachments. 

     There is an attached brochure for graduating seniors who may be interested in attending the National Youth Science Camp this summer! The deadline for uploaded applications is February 28, 2018.  Please see the attachment for more details. 


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