Our Plan for the Future

  • What began as an effort to solve overcrowding at several schools turned into a community engagement effort to DREAM BIG to better educate and prepare our students to be college and career ready.

    After an extensive study, and with input from community stakeholders, the Tuscaloosa City School Board, along with TCS leadership, developed and approved a plan for the future-ensuring students have what they need today.

    The plan, updated in 2018, focuses on curriculum, human resources and construction over the next five years.

  • Goal 1: Develop an Innovative Curriculum that Ensures Success & Achievement for All Students

    Objective 1-Increase student reading proficiency by 5% from 43% in SY 18 to 48% as evidenced by local and state data by May 2021
    •   Strategy 1-Conduct annual summer learning opportunities
    •   Strategy 2-Implement literacy action plan
    •   Strategy 3-Implement research-based reading programs and strategies
    •   Strategy 4-Implement Data Teams process at all schools
    •   Strategy 5-Develop and implement innovative curricular programming
    Objective 2-Reduce achievement gap in reading and math for special education, Black and English Learners students by 7% as evidenced by local and state data by 2019
    •   Strategy 1-Conduct districtwide poverty simulations
    •   Strategy 2-Train instructional staff on Culturally Responsive Teaching practices
    •   Strategy 3-Implement Response to Instruction/learning supports
    •   Strategy 4-Provide professional development and support for effective co-teaching
    •   Strategy 5-Provide effective support for English Learners
     Objective 3-Implement digital transformation Prek-12 by end of SY 20-21
    •   Strategy 1-Implement effective technology coaching in all schools
    •   Strategy 2-Promote interdisciplinary practice built around the vision of the TCS Graduate
    •   Strategy 3-Provide device, equipment, and online resources needed for digital transformation
    •   Strategy 4-Expand and maintain a robust network infrastructure to provide a high-quality learning environment
    •   Strategy 5-Provide variety of high quality virtual learning opportunities for students
    •   Strategy 6-Implement a variety of effective professional learning experiences that support improved technology integration.
    Objective 4-Student Attendance and Engagement. Increase student attendance (5% annual reduction in chronic/excessive absenteeism) and engagement in their learning experiences by removing barriers and creating opportunities for school success
    • Strategy 1-Remove barriers to student success
    • Strategy 2-Enhance current health, safety, and security for students
    • Strategy 3-Enhance family, personnel, and community relations
    • Strategy 4-Create extracurricular student opportunities for all students
    • Strategy 5-Enhance Student Discipline Program/Approach

  • Goal 2: Attract, Retain, and Reward the Most Talented Employees to Serve Our Students

    Objective 1-Recruit, retain, and reward the most talented employees to serve our students
    •  Strategy 1-Create competitive compensation for all employees
    •   Strategy 2-Enhance New Teacher Support system to retain teachers
    •   Strategy 3-Implement strategically aligned personnel evaluation instruments
    •   Strategy 4-Develop a high performance learning culture in the Tuscaloosa City Schools

  • Goal 3: Design and Provide Facilities that Serve as Optimal Learning Environments

    Objective 1-Design and provide Facilities that are optimal learning environments
    •   Strategy 1-Develop program design document
    •   Strategy 2-Build and renovate schools
    •   Strategy 3-Increase the system's energy efficiency and sustainability
    •   Strategy 4-Adjust Student Boundaries
    •   Strategy 5-Maintain clean and safe learning environment