Beyond the Numbers

  • student and principal shaking hands at graduation The Tuscaloosa City Schools provides instruction to more than 10,000 Pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade students.

    In order to achieve our mission, we have adopted a set of beliefs which guide our decision-making for students across the district:

    • We believe it is critical to maintain a climate of two-way communication and trust with stakeholders
    • We believe we must foster a systemwide culture of innovation
    • We believe we must maintain an inclusive environment and high expectations
    • We believe every student should thrive in our system
    • We believe we must continually improve academic achievement and enrichment through quality instruction for all students
    • We believe every Tuscaloosa City Schools employee is an asset in ensuring the success of every student
    • We believe we must hold ourselves accountable for the success of the Tuscaloosa City Schools and its students.

    Great things are happening in each of our schools, but there is more work to be done. Our plan creates a culture of high expectations. Our students deserve nothing less.

  • Quality Educators

  • Expanded Curriculum

  • Going Beyond Academics

  • Pathways for Success

Key Facts

  • Enrollment

    • 10,651 Students


    • Elementary: 11
    • K-8: 1
    • Middle: 4
    • High: 3
    • Specialty: 2



    • $127.5m Operating Budget
    • $59.5m Capital Budget
    • $10.7m Debt Service Budget

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