Elementary Instructional Resources

  • These resources are available to all Tuscaloosa City School students in kindergarten through fifth grade.  Use your child's account username and password to access the digital resources linked below. Click to find resources for middle school students. and resources for high school students.


    • OWL (Opening the World of Learning) is a comprehensive pre-k program that promotes an effective and developmentally appropriate classroom. The classroom is lively, full of books, songs, stories, and conversations. Children participate in purposeful, playful learning experiences while they develop academically, socially, and emotionally.


    • Reading Street K-6: Pearson Reading Street is an innovative, evidence-based instructional reading program used in the classroom to teach the Common Core State Standards in grades K-5. 
    • PearsonRealize.comPearson Realize provides online access to Reading Street and Investigations 3 materials and resources.


    • ScienceSaurus K-5: ScienceSaurus Student Handbooks are a multipurpose and adaptable resource used in the classroom to support our science kit programs.
    • STEMscopesSTEMScopes is an inquiry-based, hands-on investigative science program with online access.

    Social Studies

    • Studies WeeklyK-6 Studies Weekly is a weekly publication that uses current events to integrate Social Studies with Language Arts for cross-curricular literacy development in the classroom and online.


    • Investigations 3 K-5: Investigations 3 is used in the classroom as an inquiry-based approach to teaching mathematics.
    • PearsonRealizePearson Realize provides online access to Reading Street and Investigations 3 materials and resources.


    • myONmyON is an online library that provides access to a large collection of digital books, customized to a student’s interest and reading abilities.