Support School Libraries

  • The Problem
    On average, a TCS library book is 19 years old. State library enhancement funding was cut in 2008 and only reinstated during the 2015-2016 school year. Once reinstated it was at a severely lower funding level than the 2008 era.

    If all state library funding was spent entirely on book purchases, most of our libraries could not afford to purchase even one whole book per student. For example, at our high schools the entire state library funding would allow the purchase of nearly 100 books. Each of our high schools has at least 700 students. 

    The Goal
    We need the help of the Tuscaloosa community to support student literacy and school libraries. An exemplary collection means that our students have excellent, current, and sufficient number of books.

    Tuscaloosa City Schools Est. Cost of Updating Collections (16-17)
    Elementary (13 campuses) $929,266
    Middle (3 campuses) $222,006
    High (3 campuses) $768,468