Athletic Eligibility for Specialty Programs

  • The information below pertains to specialty programs and Home Rule with in the Tuscaloosa City Schools and concerns athletic eligibility for students in grades 7-12 attending:

    • Tuscaloosa Magnet Schools-Middle
    • The Alberta School of Performing Arts
    • Central High School’s International Baccalaureate Programme
    • Tuscaloosa Fine Arts Academy at Paul W. Bryant High Schools.
  • My middle school student attends a TCS specialty program. Where may he or she participate in athletics?

  • If my middle school student plays up for a high school team, what impacts will this have on eligibility at the middle school level?

  • I am considering application for my child into a TCS high school specialty program. What happens to my middle school student’s eligibility after participating, or playing up, for a high school team for which they are zoned?

  • I am considering having my middle school student return to the residential high school and discontinue participation in a TCS specialty program. How will this affect athletic eligibility at the high school level?

  • What if my child is accepted and attends a specialty program, but decides this isn’t a good fit. What impact does this have an impact on athletic eligibility?

  • We are interested in applying for a TCS high school specialty program. However, my child does not currently attend a TCS middle school specialty program. Will this impact athletic eligibility?

  • My high school student is considering applying for a specialty program after entering high school. How will this affect athletic eligibility?