Co-Curricular Opportunities

  • Students at all schools have access to rich learning experiences that prioritize the application of learning in meaningful ways. Just a few examples of the wide range of options available to students are listed here:

  • Battle of the Books

    Battle of the Books is a knowledge-based quiz competition in which school teams battle each other to prove their superior knowledge of the 8-10 books selected for that year. 

  • Debate

    All middle and high schools field debate teams that provide students the opportunity to hone their research, critical thinking, and public speaking skills.

    Schools from across the district participate in multiple robotics competitions throughout the school year.

  • Geography & Spelling Bees

    Geography and Spelling Bees are hosted by each elementary and middle school.

  • The Great Handshake

    All 5th-grade students participate in The Great Handshake; a skills challenge in which each participates in group problem-solving, an individual writing sample, and six brief interviews.

  • Tuscaloosa Can

    Students from every school work together to design and build a structure from cans they collect. At the end of the city-wide public competition, all cans are donated to the local food bank.