Beyond the Numbers

Skyland students

Three-Year Progression

Skyland Elementary Three-Year Progression
  • Skyland Elementary is on the upward trend, after noting an 11-point increase in the past three years of state report cards. Principal Vertis Giles-Brown said the improvements are the result of faculty with a shared vision for student success.
    "We all play a vital role in making sure we get our students where they need to be," said Giles-Brown. "I am always in awe of how teachers work at how much effort and care they have about individual students and their growth. They work so hard."
     By providing staff with clear direction focused on the teamwork needed to do the work, Skyland teachers have bought into work needed to be done. Teachers have spent time focusing on the standards and aligning instruction and assessments with the standards.
    "We've worked really hard to improve the culture to ensure that we have positive learning environments for students," the veteran principal said. "I do think the culture improvements have made a difference."
     Giles-Brown is quick to note that the return of Skyland Elementary to its current location after having been relocated for two years in preparation of a new building played a part as well.
     "It is awesome to be home," she said. 
  • Strengths

    • Three-year upward trend
    • Improved reading indicators for kindergarten students in the 2018-2019 school year
    • Return former school location in a new facility befitting of our students and families

  • Opportunities

    • Continue the focus on digging to the depth of the academic standards to ensure mastery
    • Continue working towards collective teacher efficacy to ensure student success
    • Find ways to encourage and sustain parental engagement and partnership with the school

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