Beyond the Numbers

Verner students

Three-Year Progression

Vener Elementary Three-Year Progression
  • Verner Elementary has been in our community for over 100 years. Our school is supported by tremendous parent involvement, community partnerships, a strong literacy climate, and a faculty of high qualified educators who are continuously learning and applying strategies to meet the needs of our diverse student population.  We recognize the success of every student and celebrate our cultural diversity. Verner is committed to student achievement and the advancement of our students’ physical, emotional, academic, and emotional needs. We offer many experiences to ensure student advancement and a love of learning. 

  • Strengths

    • Community partners, that include our 5 Adopt a School partners and parents, provide student and staff recognition and support. Parent volunteers and a strong PTA support the school by assisting in special projects and events, providing library assistance, and enhancing the school grounds.  Stakeholders have built the newest playground, the Field of Dreams, in 2010, and provided additional technology for the students. We know that our success is built on the continued, consistent 2 way communication with all partners. 
    • The Verner library is the heart of the school and houses 19,000 books and our students read over 85,000 books in 2018-19.  Verner’s unique “literacy culture” strives to foster a love of reading as well as success in reading. We were recognized by the state as one of 20 schools who made the greatest growth in 3rd grade reading achievement in 2017-18.  We recognize individual reading growth and effort every quarter, following our annual reading theme.  The theme for 2018-19 was “Verner Builds Great Learners” as we continued our reading excitement during a year of building and library renovation.  
    • All students, as well as the active SCA and student Ambassadors, participate in service projects that reflect student interests and community need.  Students learn and practice the positive traits of being respectful, responsible, and resourceful in a climate of kindness.  

  • Opportunities

    • Although we have a library that sees frequent student use, Verner needs to update their book collection. In our goal to achieve “exemplary library” status, we are working to replace our outdated and well-worn books with newer ones.  
    • We are intentionally striving to address the individual strengths and needs of every child with our teaching strategies and resources. We recognize the ability of every child to grow at least a year in their achievement and we are continuously working to address the achievement gaps so that every student can meet their full potential. Intervention resources and strategies are an important part of our efforts and we are applying both to the total instructional program.
    • Teachers and students embrace the use of technology to enhance daily student learning. Although we have sets/carts of Chromebooks for each grade level to use, we are continuously searching for ways to purchase enough for one to one use.  

2019 Report Card Grade

  • A