Beyond the Numbers

Tuscaloosa Magnet School Elementary students

Three-Year Progression

Tuscaloosa Magnet School-Elementary Three-Year Progression
  • The Tuscaloosa Magnet Schools-Elementary program demonstrates a culture of high expectations for all stakeholders through project based learning, collaborative planning and activities, and a rigorous International Baccalaureate programme of inquiry. Every student has opportunities to engage in higher-order thinking through rigorous learning activities and projects, including problem solving and presentation. Through these experiences, students are provided opportunities to work collaboratively with peers to set goals with teachers’ support. These practices help to develop lifelong skills including goal setting and collaboration in the workplace and agency. This is all possible because of the high expectations of faculty, staff and administration.

  • Strengths

    • TMSE is an extraordinary school that achieves excellence in serving the whole child, from academics, to the arts, to P.E, to development of I.B. character traits. We are very proud of the academically rigorous, individualized, interest based curricula, delivered through interdisciplinary, authentic, thematic science and social studies I.B. instructional units. We thrive on collaboration and visionary goal setting to execute resourceful uses of school and community partnerships, with a prime example being the Partnerships weekly enrichment courses that we offer all our students at TMSE. 
    • Tuscaloosa Magnet Schools-Elementary enjoys a supportive community beyond the school and families. Partnerships with local professionals and various organizations provide for a challenging, meaningful culture of high expectations. Families, seemingly, are pleased with this expectation of community engagement as we continue to experience a high number of applicants and tremendous parental involvement and support for current students. Through constant reflection and self-examination, students, staff, stakeholders and community members are active participants in creating and maintaining high expectations as well as the support system needed to reach them.
    • Tuscaloosa Magnet Elementary teachers have established environments within every classroom that reach every learner. Lessons are data driven, multidimensional, are designed to master the rigor of the standards, and are created to foster the whole student (person) in mind. The lessons and environment in the classroom and the school as a whole have led to the success of the school and, more importantly, to the success in the students’ academics and lives. Success can be seen in how learners take ownership of their learning. 

  • Opportunities

    • As a school, we want to continue to promote creativity, innovation and collaborative problem solving as a critical part of student learning. This will require our students to continue to engage in higher-order thinking skills such as analyzing, applying, evaluating and synthesizing.
    • We want to continue to gather, analyze, and use formative and summative data that leads to the improvement of student learning.
    • Partnering with parents, the local workforce, colleges and universities we aim to encourage students to reach their full potential as lifelong learners. 



2019 Report Card Grade

  • A