Beyond the Numbers

Central High students

Three-Year Progression

Central High Three-year Progression
  • Central High School is committed to providing excellence in education for all students. Central High School provides a safe and productive learning environment in which students can communicate effectively, think critically, solve problems and become technologically literate through a variety of curricular and extracurricular activities. Our efforts are empowered and inspired by our desire and expectation to prepare students to successfully transition from high school to higher education, career-readiness and the competitive workforce.

    We believe that all students should be:

    • Life-Long Learners - self-directed and goal oriented; creative and innovative.
    • Effective Communicators - express ideas clearly; competent readers, writers, listeners, and speakers.
    • Global Citizens - value and practice good character; appreciate the strengths of diversity.
    • We are excited to partner with our students and community to perform these beliefs with excellence.
  • Strengths

    • 2019 CLAS Banner School of Distinction for outstanding programs.
    • 2019 Girls 5A Basketball Champions
    • 2019 Alabama Life Smarts Academic Champions
    • Special Offerings. We are the only International Baccalaureate School in West Alabama to offer the Diploma Programme for grades 11 and 12. We are excited to be offering the Middle Years Programme for grades 9 and 10 to allow students to complete the full IB Continuum. We have several students participating with The University of Alabama music and science departments to compose music and participate in lab experiences.
    • Dual Enrollment. We partner with Shelton State Community College, Stillman College, and The University of Alabama to offer a variety of dual enrollment courses for our students. Approximately 20% of our juniors and seniors are enrolled in college courses. Most dual enrollment students have graduated from Central High School having attained more than 12 college credits.
    • Ready to Work. We partner with more than 22 industries and training sites to offer the Ready to Work Program. The purpose of the Ready to Work Program is to prepare college and career graduates for success in the workforce. Students who have expressed an interest in joining the workforce immediately after graduation are welcomed to complete this course and obtain jobs with our local agencies.

  • Opportunities

    ACT Preparation. Central High School partners with the University of Alabama, and Tuscaloosa ACT Prep organization to provide free ACT preparation courses for all 11th and 12th graders. Our efforts have led to increased ACT scores, college admissions and millions in scholarship offerings for our students. This has led to majority of the students having a three-point increase on the ACT.

    1. Extending Instructional Time for 9th and 10th Grade Students in Math and Reading during the School Day.
      According to their data, all 9th and 10th graders showing deficiencies in Reading and Math are taking two classes of English and two classes of Math during their 9th grade and 10th grade years. This will increase students’ instructional time from 126 hours a year per subject currently on the block schedule to 252 hours a year per subject.
    2. Create and Implement a Clear and Viable Curriculum and Instructional Plan for all 9th and 10th Grade English and Math.
    3. Implement a schoolwide focus on Literacy across all disciplines.
      The school and district created a schoolwide literacy plan. All classrooms implement ARI Strategic Reading activities in their lessons with Before, During, and After strategies. Teachers utilize websites like Newela and ReadWorks to provide differentiated and high interest texts for these activities.
    4. Offer Reading Classes to 9th and 10th Grade Students with need.
      Central High School offers Tier III instruction to those 9th and 10th grade students who have demonstrated the need for intervention. This reading teacher selects a quality, effective reading program to implement with these students to improve their reading and comprehension skills through focused intervention.

2019 Report Card Grade

  • C