• Parents,

    Since we are all social distancing to stay healthy (and keep everyone else healthy too!) we are providing some quick and easy ways for you to help your student practice their speech/language/fluency/social skills while they are away from us. Some of you have seen the calendars before so you’re used to them. For others they are new, but super easy. Each day there is a picture, and at the bottom of the calendar there are several questions. Have your child do their best to answer the questions about the picture using their best sounds and smoothest speech.

    We are also sharing a resource from a fellow SLP, Natalie Snyders. There is a page for speech sounds and two language pages; one for lower elementary and one for upper elementary/older students. If fluency is your goal, any of the activities will work--just remind your student to use their smooth speech!

    Your child should know their goal or learning target (we’ve worked really hard remembering it!), ask them to share it with you! If they have forgotten, refer to your copy of their IEP or feel free to email your SLP (contacts are listed for your convenience).

    Please let your SLP know if they can help you in any way during this period of Review, Reinforce, and Practice!


    Stay Healthy!! Your TCS Speech Language Pathologists


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