The Teacher's Voice

    •  Misty Evans, Southview Elementary

      Facing New Challenges

      Challenging times though still making a difference.

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    •  Allyson Pitzel's classroom

      5/27 My Virtual Makeover

      Challenging myself and embracing digital learning has been the greatest professional development I have ever gone through.

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    •  Tiffany Davis

      5/20 Unprecedented Times Call for Unprecedented Approaches

      COVID-19 forced me to rethink the role technology plays in parental engagement from a leadership perspective.

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    • 5/13 Perfecting the Craft

      I am learning something new every day and this has given me the opportunity to perfect my craft.

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    •  Jennifer Anderson

      5/13 You've Got This!

      The first time I was able to get online with my students I remember feeling a sense of normalcy for the first time, though things were far from normal. Here I was with these smiling, excited faces and doing what I know I am meant to do and that was my normal.

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    •  Maria Makarov with student

      5/13 Celebrating Us

      I’m sure y’all miss those things, and others, about the old days when teaching was in a classroom, not on a Google Meets video conference or in a Screencastify video. But yet, we are all still showing up for our students.

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    •  Natalie Roig-McKnight

      4/29 The Write Way to Say Goodbye

      I would never have thought that I would be writing letters again to say goodbye, especially to students that I teach.

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    • 4/22 Nobody Prepared Me For This

      I rely on their experiences with prom, graduation, senior banquets and senior nights to help close the chapter, find closure, celebrate and cry with them. Now I cry without them.

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    •  Perseverance sign hangs outside a classroom

      4/14 Perseverance in Action

      Perseverance looks different for each teacher and each family, but we are strong and I have hope that we will continue to get stronger through this together, as a TCS family.

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    • 4/10 Leaning into the Fear

      I challenge you to not be afraid of the digital world. As we transition to digital learning, I challenge you to work together to accomplish goals, to complete tasks, and to learn how to navigate the digital world effectively and efficiently.

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    •  Angela McClinton

      4/7 The Main Thing

      Like most educators, I love routine and consistency. Well, what I LOVE in education suddenly changed. It happened almost instantaneously.

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    • 4/1 Reflections of a Hopeful Educator

      We listened as Dr. Daria cast a vision for the upcoming school year. We heard the phrase “high expectations” dozens (nay, hundreds?) of times. We did all of these things not knowing what March of 2020 would have in store for us...

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