Frequently Asked Questions

Teaching & Learning FAQs

  • How much work will my child be expected to do each day?

  • How will my child receive their assignments?

  • How will grades be determined for the fourth nine weeks?

  • What about grades for TCS high school students?

  • Does my TCS senior have to participate in virtual instruction?

  • Will teachers have virtual "office hours?"

Technology FAQs

  • How do I get a Chromebook?

  • What if we do not have access to home Internet service?

  • Does my child need a webcam, headphones, and/or microphone to participate in Google Hangouts meetings?

School Operations

  • How can I get a refund for a canceled field trip?

  • Can I use the playgrounds, walking tracks, or tennis courts at the schools?

  • When can I pick up my child's belongings and school supplies?

  • When can I pick up my child’s medicine?

  • If my child has textbooks at home, should we return them to the school? When and how?

  • When will enrollment and registration be open, and how will we submit documents?

  • How do I complete kindergarten enrollment?