• Student Self-Referrals

    Do you need to see the school counselor? Do you need help with grades, peer relationships, organizations, or test taking skills? Your school counselors are here to help. Please complete the student self referral form to set up an appointment with your school counselor. Remember, if this is an emergency, please tell your teachers, parents, and come to see the counselors immediately. For access to the student self-referral form, please click the picture below or you can access the form here




    Parent Referrals 

    Do you need to contact the school counselor? Is your child in need of assistance? Do you have concerns that you would like to discuss? Please complete a parent referral for an appointment to see or speak with the counselor. Click the picture below to access the referral form or you can access the form here.



    Teacher & Staff Referrals

    Is there a student that requires assistance from the school counselor? Is there a family that requires additional assistance and resources outside of the school setting? Please complete the faculty and staff referral form to refer students that are in need of assistance from the school counselors. To access the referral form, click the picture below or you can access the referral form here