Tuscaloosa Fine Arts Academy: Vocal Music

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    Tuscaloosa Fine Arts Academy Vocal Music Program Information:
    TFAA choir students focus on developing singing skills in sight-reading and vocal technique, as well as exploring languages, styles of music, theory, history, and pedagogy. These students participate in All-State festivals, honors choir, state assessments, and community performances.

    Instructors: Hilen Wilson

    Course Offerings: Mixed Chorus 1-4, Chamber Chorus 1-4

    Awards and Recognition

    Alabama Vocal Association District II Outstanding Choral Student Competition: 
    3 students participants, 2017
    2 student participants, 2018
    District II Winner, 2019
    4 student participants, 2020

    Alabama Vocal Association District II Music Education Scholarship Competition:
    District II Winner, 2018

    University of Alabama Honor Choir:
    10 student participants, 2017
    9 student participants, 2019

    University of Alabama at Birmingham Honor Choir:
    9 student participants, 2019
    9 student participants, 2020

    Alabama All-State Choral Festival:
    3 student participants, 2017
    7 student participants, 2018
    10 student participants, 2019
    7 student participants, 2020
    4 student participants, 2021

    Alabama Vocal Association State Choral Performance Assessment:
    Excellent Rating, 2018
    Superior Rating with Distinction, 2019
    Superior Rating with Distinction, 2020

    Alabama Vocal Association Honor Choir:
    8 student participants, 2018
    8 student participants, 2020

    Alabama Bicentennial Capitol Performing Group, 2018

    Alabama Music Educators Association Conference Lobby Performance Group, 2018

    Alabama Association of School Boards Conference Choir, 2019

    University of Montevallo Men's Honor Choir
    4 student participants, 2019

    Alabama Vocal Association Solo & Ensemble Festival: 
    7 solo superior ratings, 2019
    4 solo excellent ratings, 2019
    7 solo superior ratings, 2020
    5 solo excellent ratings, 2020
    3 solo superior ratings, 2021

    Audition Requirements: Prepared piece of your choice (with or without accompaniment), pitch retention, range check