Tuscaloosa Fine Arts Academy: Orchestra

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    Tuscaloosa Fine Arts Acaemy Orchestra Program:

    Program Information:  The orchestra program at the Tuscaloosa Fine Arts Academy is home to student performers on the violin, viola, cello, and string bass.  Students perform on instruments in large and small ensembles as well as pursue solo and chamber music opportunities. In addition to the performing opportunities offered, students engage in music theory, composing and arranging, exploring western and non-western musical experiences as well as developing lifelong musicianship skills appropriate to continue making music beyond high school.

    Instructors: Ms. Rebekah Carozza is the instructor for this course.

    Course Offerings: The course is offered in four levels over two semesters per year. In the fall semester, students enroll in Orchestra 1, Orchestra 2, Orchestra 3, and Orchestra 4.  In the spring semesters, students will enroll in Chamber ensemble 1, Chamber ensemble 2, Chamber ensemble 3, and Chamber ensemble 4.

    Awards and Recognition: Students in this program have participated in local music performance assessments and consistently earned superior status.  Every two years, students are given an opportunity to travel to a national music festival.  

    Audition Requirements:  Students entering the performing arts program must show a willingness to excel at music through dedicated practice and continued participation at advanced levels.  Students who enter the program will be required to complete 2 solo recitals, 2 chamber music recitals, complete a digital portfolio, and audition for Alabama's All State Orchestra each year before graduation.

    Other Program Information:  Students entering this program should have adequate control over performing pitches in first position, have a comfortable bow grip, and be comfortable reading music in first position. It is highly encouraged that students in this program have a disposition to continue to practice their instruments outside of formal class settings.