• School-Wide Information

    • Westlawn Middle School has a school-wide discipline plan in place for any misuse or mishandling of TCS-issued devices (Chromebooks, Desktop Computers, iPads, and various educational technology tools). 


    • Fines will be issued to a student's account when devices have been damaged, per the TCS Instructional Technology policies and procedures. 
      • 1st Offense = No charge
      • 2nd Offense = $25.00
      • 3rd Offense and after = Full price of Device
        • Fines must be paid in full before a student is issued another TCS-Device. 

    Student Username and Passwords

6th Grade Chromebook Information

  • For the 2022-2023 academic year, each 6th-grade teacher will have a Chromebook cart housed in their homeroom. This cart is to be utilized for your four core classes and your SOAR class. 
    General Information
    • These carts will remain housed on the 6th-grade hallway with the teacher that it is checked out to.
    • Chromebook Carts have a specific Elective/PE/Intervention teacher that they will go to during the 6th-grade Elective/PE/Intervention period.

    How will students be assigned to a specific device while in each core class?
    (Note: The same device should be used by the same student every day.)

    • Students should be given a number by each teacher based on where their name falls on the roster (alphabetically).
    • Students will only be allowed to use the numbered Chromebook that corresponds with their name in each class.

7th & 8th Grade Chromebook Information

  • General Information
    • These devices are one-to-one to be carried between home and school every day
    • Students should not be required to keep devices at school unless a support plan indicates otherwise. 
    • Students that are in the collaborative classroom must leave their Chromebooks and chargers on campus on Fridays to be charged.
    • Students with support plans may leave their devices with their grade-level's collaborative teacher when needed.
    • A designated safe storage place will be in place for students to keep their Chromebooks during lunch and PE.

    Westlawn Non-Negotiables for 1:1 Chromebooks

    1. Devices must be carried between home and school every day!
    2. Do not remove any TCS Labels!
    3. Keep food and drink away from Chromebooks! If damaged by food or drink, a fine will be assessed for the full device.
    4. Keep Chromebooks in their case at all times!
    5. Chromebooks are not allowed during the lunch or PE periods!
    6. Never carry Chromebooks while they are open!
    7. Never hold the Chromebook by the screen!
    8. Use both hands to carry and open Chromebooks!
    9. Do not run or play while carrying a Chromebook!
    10. Never leave Chromebooks on the floor or unattended!
    11. Be careful when placing Chromebooks in a backpack to avoid damage!
    12. Charge Chromebooks at home and bring the charger to school daily!
    13. Only use the assigned Chromebook!
    14. Never share login information!
    15. Close Chromebooks when they are not in use!