Breaking the Cycle

Seeing Ourselves in Our Students

  • Every child deserves a quality education regardless of what's happening at home. That's why the Tuscaloosa City Schools is intensely focused on improving outcomes for all students. 


    Not only does that mean addressing the needs of students, but also of teachers.  In advance of the 2016-2017 school year, TCS began equipping teachers to be Culturally Responsive in their teaching practices, that is teachers recognize that each child brings a unique background and cultural experiences each day. To further drive the point, TCS administrators participated in a Poverty Simulation during the Instructional Leadership Summit in June 2016.


    The Poverty Simulation is designed to simulate the challenges & stresses of poverty: meeting basic needs on a limited income and without transportation. Through this activity, the goal is to provide a better understanding of the home lives of many students in an effort to better meet their academic needs.


     The poverty simulation is not a game. For some of our administrators, it's their life story.

  • Carlton Robertson
    He weighed less than two pounds at birth. Now, he oversees feeding
    TCS students meals daily.

  • Bruce Prescott

    They said he had a 17 percent chance of graduating college.
    He earned his doctorate.

  • Avis Williams

    She earned scholarship money as a top graduate, but didn't understand that meant college would be free.

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