Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question for the Transportation Department? You've come to the right place.

  • 1) How do I register my child to ride a bus?

  • 2) I filled out a “Transportation Request Form.” Who will tell me what bus they need to ride”

  • 3) What bus should my child ride?

  • 4) My child attends a Magnet School

  • 5) My child is in the Alternative Program

  • 6) What if I move during the year?

  • 7) Can my child ride one bus to school and another in the afternoon?

  • 8) Are there any items students may not carry on the bus?

  • 9) How long will my child’s bus ride be?

  • 10) Why do a lot of the buses go to more than one school?

  • 11) Can my younger child ride with the older child since the bus goes to the same schools?

  • 12) Why can’t the bus pick up and drop off in front of my residence, since the bus is driving right by?

  • 13) Do you have a bus for after school programs?

  • 14) Can my child ride a bus to another location (such as Grandmothers) in an emergency?

  • 15) Do you have aides on all the buses?

  • 16) I think the bus stop is too far from my house. Can we get a new one?

  • 17) Why don’t school buses have seatbelts?

  • 18) How do I contact the Transportation Department?