• VIVA Health Plan (HMO)

    Employees who are considered full-time receive an allocation of $800 per month to apply toward any of the health insurance options listed. VIVA Health Insurance is $207 per month for family coverage and $30 per month for single coverage. Visit the website for details. Costs subject to change.

  • The Public Education Employee Health Insurance Program (PEEHIP)

    PEEHIP offers insurance administered by Blue Cross/Blue Shield to Board employees. The family coverage cost (no spouse added) is $1007 per month, of which the state pays $800 per month, which leaves a cost of $207 per month for the employee. The family coverage cost (spouse added) is $1107 per month, of which the state pays $800 per month, which leaves a cost of $307 per month for the employee. The single coverage cost is $830 per month, of which the state pays $800, which leaves a cost of $30 per month for the employee.
    PEEHIP provides major medical coverage, inpatient and outpatient hospital coverage, prepaid prescription drug coverage, and supplemental accidental coverage.
    Visit the website for more details. Costs subject to change.

  • Term Life Insurance

    Eligible employees are automatically enrolled in term life insurance through the Alabama Retirement System. A $15,000.00 term life benefit is available to the beneficiary of a deceased member in active status. Costs subject to change.

  • NEW! Southland Insurance Company

    Southland National Insurance at no cost to regular full-time employees offers dental, vision, cancer, and indemnity policies if hospital insurance is not elected If you choose to enroll in hospital insurance, the supplemental coverage for vision, cancer, and indemnity is available for $38 per month per supplement for single or family coverage. Dental insurance is $38 for single and $50 for family coverage. Visit the website for more details.  Costs subject to change.

  • Employee Software Discounts

    The Board's Microsoft Software License Agreement allows students and Board employees to purchase the most recent Windows operating system software and Microsoft Office under the Work at Home plan. You will need to visit the e-academy, create and account and order the software. Employees and students are allowed to purchase one copy of Windows and one copy of Office. 

  • Employee Leave

    Vacation Leave: All 245-day employees shall earn up to one (1) day per month during the period of September through June. Each eligible employee may accumulate up to 30 days of vacation days per year; however, only 20 days shall be carried over per year.

    Professional Leave: Professional employees may request professional leave days for development purposes. These requests must be approved by the Principal and the Deputy Superintendent of Teaching and Learning. A limited number of professional leave days are available at the individual school.

    Personal Leave: Certified and Professional employees earn (5) personal leave days each year. The first (2) are at no cost to the employee, the remaining (3) are at the cost of a substitute which is $67.32 per day. All support personnel earn (5) personal leave days, (2) at no cost. The remaining (3) are at the cost of a substitute which is $7.65 per hour. Unused personal leave days may be converted to sick days, or the employee has the option to be reimbursed for the first (2) days.

    Sick Leave: Employees earn one day of sick leave per month according to their contract days. You may accrue unlimited sick days. Sick leave can be accrued and credited for retirement purposes under Tier I Retirement.

    Sick Leave Bank: All full-time employees are eligible to join the Sick Leave Bank. Members of the Sick Leave Bank donate (2) days to show membership. Up to (15) days may be borrowed once the member’s accrued sick leave has been exhausted. These days must be paid back within two years from the loan date.

    Catastrophic Sick Leave: Employees who are members of the Sick Leave Bank, and meet specific qualifications are eligible to donate and/or receive donated sick days from other members. The donated days do not have to be paid back.

    Family Medical Leave: Employees who meet certain qualifications may be eligible for up to (60) workdays of unpaid leave for themselves, or to care for a family member. Members will earn the insurance allocation during this leave.

  • Employee Assistance Program

    The Board provides employees and their family members access to EAP without discussion or intervention. EAP provides free assessment, short-term counseling, and referral service to assist with problems including stress, finances, marital and relational, parent-child, substance abuse, and extended family. These services are offered at no cost to the employee. For assistance please call 1-800-925-5327.

  • Dental Insurance

    The Board provides a dental insurance policy at no cost to the employee, with Blue Cross/Blue Shield. There is no option to add family coverage with this policy. Costs subject to change.

  • American Fidelity Insurance Company

    All employees are eligible to participate in this plan, which offers a pre-tax cafeteria (Section 125 Plan) plan that is administered for the purchase of hospital and supplemental insurance. Dollars contributed under a Section 125 Plan are exempt from FICA, FUTA, federal income and most state and local taxes. For more details, contact Scott Grimsley (205) 242-3339. Costs are subject to change.


  • Benefits
    Lynne Wright
    Benefits Supervisor