Signing Bonuses

Bonuses for Teachers

  • As districts across the country struggle to fill hundreds of specialized teaching positions before school starts back up next month, some are turning to one-time bonuses to sweeten the deal. Special education and STEM fields are typically the areas with the highest demand for teachers. Nationally and locally, there is a shortage of “critical needs area’’ teachers. The quantity of these teachers is more strained to cover increased student enrollment, the vast array of mathematics and science courses offered, the number of students with exceptionalities, and losses of teachers due to pre-retirement turnover. Since math, science, and special education are high critical areas, it is proposed TCS needs to offer a signing bonus to secure qualified math, science, and special education teachers for our students.

    This is not a guarantee of three years employment. Employment may be terminated by either party, at any time, in accordance with Board policy and applicable state and federal law. To be eligible for the bonus the teacher must be employed by the Tuscaloosa City Schools as a math, science, special education teacher on the first day of each applicable school year.

    Critical Needs Content Area (Math, Science, Special Education) Teacher Signing Bonus
    Feb. 6, 2018 - Dec. 31, 2018
    Certified math/science/special education teacher $5,000/3 years of service to TCS
      $1,667/1st year (Aug. 2018)
      $1,667/2nd year (Aug. 2019)
      $1,666/3rd year (Aug. 2020)
    Alternative Baccalaureate Certification $4,000/3 years of service to TCS
    Math/science $1,334/1st year (Aug. 2018)
      $1,333/2nd year (Aug. 2019)
      $1,333/3rd year (Aug. 2020)

Bonuses For Bus Drivers

  • The Tuscaloosa City Schools is seeking qualified bus drivers and custodians for immediate hire. Working for the Tuscaloosa City Schools may give you the opportunity to spend more time with your family and friends by having the weekends and holidays off.

    Right now, the Tuscaloosa City Schools is offering an incentive for drivers who currently possess a valid Commercial Driver License (CDL) to accept employment with TCS. If you meet this requirement, then that's an extra $1,000 in your pocket after six months of employment.