• The Tuscaloosa City Schools will tackle the achievement gap issue as part of our Strategic Plan. A key goal is to close the achievement gap so that students in all schools have the opportunity to excel. To support this goal, we are also implementing the Digital Transformation and being intentional to ensure that student engagement is enhanced at all levels and at all schools. 


    "We are not satisfied until every child in this school system is successful," said Dr. Mike Daria, interim superintendent, at the 2016 Chamber in Session event.


    TCS will host a School Achievement Institute Aug. 27 and Oct. 29 where teachers and administrators will have an opportunity to engage with experts in the following areas:

    • Culturally Responsive Teaching
    • Closing the Achievement Gap
    • Creative Strategies to reach urban youth in the classroom


    The system has built a relationship with Dr. Roger Cleveland, of Eastern Kentucky University, who is known for his educational insight in areas such as diversity, instructional equity and closing the achievement gap. Cleveland will assist in the School Achievement Institute.  More details will be announced at a later date.

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