kids in pre-k class
  • Since 1993, the Tuscaloosa City Schools have served eligible four-year-olds with high-quality Pre-k instruction. Recognized as a leader in pre-kindergarten education, the system serves nearly 625 students at multiple sites throughout the district.


    Funding for the program comes from local, state, and Elevate funds. TCS is also a recipient of multiple Office of School Readiness (OSR) First Class grant-funded classrooms. Additionally, the City of Tuscaloosa and Mayor Walt Maddox are fervent supporters of Pre-k through our Elevate program and the annual Mayor's Cup 5K/10K.


    Early registration will open mid-January and close the first week in March. Children must be four before September 1 and live in the Tuscaloosa City School zone to qualify. Children in our Pre-k program must be fully toilet-trained. Pullups are not acceptable. Parents must provide proof of residence, up to date immunization card, and birth certificate when accepted into the program. Bus transportation is not provided for our Pre-k students. Parents are responsible for drop-off and pick-up each day. For more information, read the Pre-K handbook.


  • Pre-Kindergarten
    Diane Hilliker
    Pre-K Coordinator