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About Tuscaloosa City Schools

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Tuscaloosa City Schools: High Expectations for Each and Every Student.

The Tuscaloosa City Schools provides instruction to more than 11,000 Pre-K through 12th grade students throughout metropolitan Tuscaloosa, Alabama. 

Twenty-one schools comprise the district, including 11 elementary schools, 4 middle schools, one K-8 school, 3 high schools, and 2 program sites dedicated to specialty education: one for students receiving alternative education, and a career-technical facility for grades 9 – 12.

More than 1,500 dedicated employees serve the community by challenging students to a curriculum to exceed the expectations of every student on our 21 campuses from the first day of school to their graduation day.

Vision: The vision of the Tuscaloosa City Schools is to be a premier, innovative school system where each and every student graduates and is fully prepared for life and career success. 

Mission: The mission of the Tuscaloosa City Schools is to create and support a culture of high expectations for each and every student to achieve personal, academic, and career excellence. 


Central Office
1210 Almon Avenue
Tuscaloosa, AL 35401
Phone: 205-759-3700
Fax: 205-759-3542


Key Statistics


  • Total students: 11,303
  • Black: 66.5%
  • White: 23.1%
  • Hispanic: 5.9%
  • Asian: 2.1%
  • American Indian: .5%
  • Pacific Islander: .18%
  • Other: 1.66%

Free or reduced lunch: 71%


  • Elementary: 11
  • K-8: 1
  • Middle: 4
  • High: 3
  • Specialty: 2

55 National Board Teachers

Operating Budget

  • $130 Million General Fund
  • $6.7 Million Capital
  • $10.6 Million Debt Service


  • Local: 42%
  • State: 46%
  • Federal: 12%