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Student Incident Reports

Developing and maintaining a safe and disciplined school environment requires accurate and complete information; however, schools and school systems around the nation vary widely in how they collect and track data on incidents of student violence and discipline. In Alabama, the School Incident Report (SIR) program was initiated to meet state and federal reporting needs of these violations. It was also designed to give local education agencies (LEAs) comprehensive access to as much information and data as possible. 

 LEAs need accurate school safety and discipline data for:

  • School improvement.
  • Program evaluation and planning.
  • Resource allocation. 
  • Mandated state and federal reporting requirements.

Without this accurate and consistent data to analyze, it is difficult for educators, parents, and communities to:

  • Draw conclusions on the impact of any policy or program relating to safe schools. 
  • Determine which schools are accomplishing their goals. 
  • Evaluate progress. 
  • Allocate their funds in the areas of greatest need. 
  • Locate accurate data to apply for grants, complete applications, and seek additional revenues. 

The Alabama School Incident Report (SIR) program provides the framework for all Alabama public schools and school systems to:

  • Collect school safety and discipline information in a uniform manner. 
  • Prepare their annual accountability reports. 
  • Track and report offenses to the State Department of Education (SDE) that are violations of the law or represent a serious breach of local board of education policy. 

The SIR program also streamlines the collection of specified data and contributes to paperwork reduction. This program is designed to: 

  • Provide documentation for the safety/discipline reporting needs of various entities within the SDE such as the Safe and Drug-Free Schools and Communities Program, Special Education Services, and Prevention and Support Services.
  • Merge the Suspension/Expulsion Report and the Annual Crime and Violence Incident Report.

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