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Dr. Mike Daria

Tuscaloosa City Schools Superintendent Dr. Mike Daria

Mike Daria works tirelessly to ensure each and every student in the Tuscaloosa City Schools has the opportunity to achieve personal, academic, and career success. He is committed to progress, and to moving the school system forward to become the premier school district that helps make our community a better place to live. 

Daria is a veteran educator who has served in the Tuscaloosa City Schools all but one year in the system--his first starting in 1996. He worked as a TCS English teacher, assistant principal, principal, executive director of personnel, and assistant superintendent prior to his current role. In 2023, he was selected as the State Superintendent of the Year by the School Superintendents of Alabama. 

The defining work his administration has been the implementation of the TCS Strategic Plan, aligned with the district's vision to become a premier and innovative powerhouse for all the students it serves. The TCS persists in its pursuit of excellence to guarantee that every student benefits from high expectations of excellence and graduates and goes directly into and fully prepared for the workforce, college, or military.