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TCS Departmental Directory

System Directory

Name Title Phone Number (205)
Dr. Mike Daria Superintendent 759-3560
Dr. James Pope Deputy Superintendent of Teaching & Learning 759-3530
Mr. Jay Duke Chief School Financial Officer 759-3529
Dr. Deron Cameron Assistant Superintendent of Operations 759-3677
Mr. Edward Smith Executive Director of Facilities 759-3524
Dr. Terri North-Byrts Director of Student Literacy 759-3510
Mr. Van Nichols Director of Child Nutrition Program 759-3520
Ms. Vertis Giles-Brown Director of Federal Programs and School Turnaround 759-3507
Ms. Kelly Norstrom Director of College & Career Readiness 759-3722
Mr. Chris Jenks Director of Technology 759-3512
Mr. Andrew Maxey Director of Strategic Initiatives 759-3512
Dr. Bruce Prescott Director of Special Education 342-0507
Mr. Ron Shappacher Director of Transportation 247-2400
Mrs. Pam Scott Director of Human Resources 759-3677
Dr. Tramene Maye Coordinator of Attendance & Pupil Services 759-3554
Dr. Jeffrey Schultz Coordinator of Fine Arts 758-8395
Kristi Parker Coordinator of Nursing 759-3678
Tesney Davis Coordinator of Social Work 759-3518
Mr. Maurice Heard District Coordinator of Safety & Extracurricular Activities 759-3700
Mrs. Diane Hilliker Pre-K Coordinator 759-3533
Lydia Avant Public Relations Director 759-3549
Dr. Tonya Crews School Turnaround Administrator 759-3540
Dr. Elizabeth Hancock Coordinator of Instructional Technology 759-3765
Mr. Jeff Beasley Testing Coordinator 759-3545