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What s Your E


The Tuscaloosa City Schools system is committed to supporting students in becoming enrolled (in a post-secondary institution or training program), enlisted (in a branch of the military), or employed (in a career related to their chosen pathway) following high school graduation.

It is our goal for EACH and EVERY student to graduate with a high school diploma, at least one College & Career Readiness Indicator (CCRI), and a confirmed post-secondary plan. What's your E?    

Sam Sims will graduate from Central High School is just a few months. His "E" is Enrolled. He will major in Sports Management and play basketball at Spring Hill College in the fall.

Seniors, What's Your E?

Paul W. Bryant High School senior Destiny Bailey has chosen her E. She will be Enlisting into the Army National Guard following graduation. #WhatsYourE

Central High School senior Donna Gil has big plans for her life following high school graduation. This is the time for TCS seniors to make decisions about the future. What's your E?