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School Libraries/Reading Engagement

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The Importance of Recreational Reading/Reading Engagement

We cannot underestimate the impact of reading engagement on improving literacy and learning. A growing body of research shows that reading engagement is a key element in a student's success. Researchers found that learning opportunities generated by engaged readers themselves were roughly equal to several years of education at school.

Engaged readers grow in learning and literacy because they:

  • get immersed in their reading — they read for pleasure, and to satisfy their curiosity
  • discover information and stories that help them learn and achieve
  • are motivated to read and learn more — which makes reading easier and more enjoyable, and creates a 'virtuous circle' of constant improvement.

When children have access to good libraries with plenty of good books and with adequate staffing, they read more.  When they read more, their reading and learning improve.

School libraries are a critical part of the Tuscaloosa City Schools’ focus on literacy.  Librarians serve as important parts of school leadership teams and work closely with literacy coaches and classroom teachers to bring a broad and balanced approach to literacy that includes best practice related to self-directed and independent reading. All schools maintain a strong commitment to nurturing a culture of reading that builds both the ability and the passion for reading in each student.

TCS school librarians work together to coordinate reading events and initiatives, connect with the community, and build a culture of reading in their communities! Follow the TCS Library Squad on Twitter.