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Social Work Services

Our mission is to empower students to achieve academically by reducing social, emotional, economic, and environmental barriers to learning by linking students and families to school-based and community resources.

Additionally, the Office of Social Work Services covers the following areas: referrals for chronic failure to complete school work, aggressive or impulsive behavior, frequent physical complaints, depression, irregular school attendance, teen pregnancy, cultural/linguistic barriers, unaccompanied youth, housing, and economic issues.

Please contact your school social worker if your child is having difficulties in any of these areas. We can assist your family in finding resources in the community to help your child be more successful at school and in life.Our Goals

  1. Improve academic performance
  2. Improve attendance and decrease tardiness
  3. Improve behavior to eliminate disruptions
  4. Improve parenting skills
  5. Improve parent participation in student's education
  6. Improve interpersonal relationships
  7. Obtain community resources to meet the needs of families
  8. Secure counseling for the student/family


Social Work Services
Kara L. Bernal, MSW, LICSW, PIP
Coordinator of Social Workers


Where to Turn for Help

Getting the Help You Need