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HALT Program

HALT, Harassment Awareness Learning Together, is the district-wide program to combat bullying in the Tuscaloosa City Schools. 

Definition of Bullying

  • Intentional act of aggression that may be physical, verbal, emotional, sexual or electronic
  • Committed over an extended period of time
  • Characterized by repeated acts of aggression or having the potential for repetitiveness
  • Characterized by a real or perceived imbalance of power
  • Compounded by technology
  • Refer to Anti-bully Policy 6.25 for complete bullying definition

Is Your Child Experiencing Bullying? 
If your child is experiencing bullying, submit an online form or complete the age-appropriate bullying/harassment form and return it to your child's counselor. 

Goals of HALT Initiative:

  • Increase awareness of the topic of bullying in order to decrease cases of bullying
  • Implement parent/community awareness training on the topic of bullying
  • Avenues for reporting bullying at the local school-level and central office
  • Work with HALT coordinators to implement comprehensive curriculum to address both the bully, victim, and empowering bystanders
  • Professional development for all faculty and staff including the transportation department on the topic of bullying


Student Services
Dr. Jessica Constant
Coordinator, Office of Student Services


Report Bullying

Bullying by the Numbers

Bully Beware


Stop Bullying

First page of the PDF file: TCS_FactSheet_BullyingvsConflict41