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Chris Jenks
Director of Technology
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  Technology Announcements

Grading Support for Schools

Grade Verification Support

As schools approach grade reports such as progress reports and report cards, it can be difficult to verify that teachers have completed work on grades. As a support, we have created the following documents. They are designed to be used as grading deadlines approach and have teachers sign a physical document indicating they are done with grading.

Grading and Grade Reporting Support Documents


Check your tech! Use this Start of School Technology Checklist to be sure your equipment and accounts are ready to go. 

Students can now log into PowerSchool-SIS from ClassLink to view grade, schedule, and attendance information. 

  1. Click the PowerSchool Student Login app.
  2. Click Student Sign In on the bottom right.
  3. If prompted, enter your TCS Google email address (i.e.,, district password, and click Yes.

We also have a walkthrough with screenshots: PowerSchool Student Login Guidance, 2021-2022

We have compiled our PowerSchool-SIS (and PowerTeacher Pro) guidance documents in this Google Drive folder. It includes the documents used in teacher training and detailed guidance for progress reports and report cards. 

Guidance Documentation in Technology Support Portal

The Technology Support portal now includes guidance documents about a variety of topics including equipment and digital learning resources. To view these documents, log into Technology Support and click Solutions. Most of the collection can also be viewed in this Google folder.


Guest Wi-Fi

PowerSchool SIS Guidance Documents

Google Suite for Education

Instructional Technology

Staff E-mail

PowerSchool Parent Support

Submit Technology Support Request

Technology Planning

Tech Purchasing Guide

Technology Resources

Children's Internet Protection Act

TCS Data Governance Procedures

Technology Department Mission

The mission of the TCS Technology Department is to support students, employees, and families by providing and maintaining exceptional technology systems for a professional learning environment in alignment with the district’s mission, vision, and strategic plan.

Technology Department Vision

Successful implementation of this mission should result in

  • Effective, responsible, and comprehensive technology use by employees and students;
  • Functional, dependable, and optimized technology systems throughout the district;
  • Consistent and well-developed understanding of technology resources, services, procedures, and support;
  • Consistent and effective security practices;
  • Continual growth in professional and instructional uses of technology;
  • Strategic, sustainable evolution of technology systems; and
  • Effective collaboration across all departments and schools wherever technology is involved.

TCS Technology is Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) compliant and uses a variety of tools to protect our students.