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Grades for Families

Grades for Families

In order for families to see learning, grade, and attendance information about students, schools will send home access information for 

  • PowerSchool Parent Portal (attendance, grades, schedule)
  • Schoology (online classroom with resources and assignments)
  • SeeSaw (K-5 only)

Schools will send that information home in early September. 

PowerSchool - Grades, Attendance, Schedule

The URL for the PowerSchool Parent Portal is 

If you created an account previously, it should still work. There is a “Forgot Username or Password” feature if needed.

You will receive a letter from the school with the information you need to create an account and/or add students. Once you have your letter, follow these direction: 

Schoology - Online Classroom and Learning Resources

TCS uses Schoology Learning Management System for “online classrooms.” This is the place where you can see information on assignments and learning resources. The grades you see in Schoology are grades on individual assignments or assessments, not a course average. You will be able to see course grade averages in PowerSchool. 

If you created an account last year, it should still work. Schools will send login information early in the school year. It will include a unique parent access code for each student.

See Schoology's Guidance for Parents for additional assistance. 

SeeSaw (PK-5 only) - Online Learning Platform

Many TCS elementary schools use SeeSaw as part of their “online classroom.” This tool provides ways for students to participate in practice activities and show what they know. 

Teachers using SeeSaw will send login information home early in the school year. It will include unique parent login information.

Visit the SeeSaw Family Help Center for additional assistance. 

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