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Virtual Benefit Fair

In the Tuscaloosa City Schools, we expect excellence and that is why we look for the best people to join our family. We know that the work we do is important, so we are committed to finding those talented, dedicated and driven educators who will give the students of the TCS the knowledge and tools that they need to be successful, thoughtful and productive members of our community. We believe in building lifelong learners to develop our boys and girls into the leaders of the future.  Members of our team are professionally developed and supported and have limitless opportunities to grow their roles within our school system. Join us on this most important journey to shaping the future of our world.  

Did you know that Tuscaloosa City Schools pay employees three percent more than the average school system in Alabama?  Click below to see what else TCS offers its' employees in our Virtual Benefit Fair!


Benefit programs may be occasionally changed. For more information please contact our Benefits Office at (205) 759-3526.

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Personal Leave

All employees earn five (5) personal leave days each school year. The first two are taken at no cost to the employee. The remaining three (3) days may be taken at a cost of $67.32 per day for the cost of the substitute. 

Unused personal leave will convert to sick leave days at the end of each school year.


Optional Payroll Deductions

Optional payroll deductions include RiverFall Credit Union, Disability, Life Insurance, AEA membership,etc.


Sick Leave

Employees earn one (1) day of sick leave for each month they are on contract. You may accrue unlimited sick days, and unused sick leave is converted to service credit at retirement for Tier I employees only.


Family Medical Leave

Employees who meet certain qualifications may be eligible for up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave for themselves or to care for a family member.


Dental Insurance

Dental insurance is provided to the employee at no additional cost with no option for family coverage.


Term Life Insurance

Life Insurance benefits of up to $15,000 are available to the beneficiary of a deceased active member of the School system.


Vacation Leave

Twelve-month employees earn one vacation day a month up to ten days per school term during the months of September - June.



Retirement is a mandatory deduction – Tier I employees will contribute 7.5% and Tier II employees will contribute 6% of their gross monthly income to their individual retirement account. The School System also contributes to each employee’s retirement account on a monthly basis. (Percentage of contributions subject to change with each new plan year.)


Medical Insurance

There are (2) major medical insurances; Blue Cross Blue Shield and Viva. They are provided to employees at a cost of $30 per month for single coverage, or $207.00 per month for family coverage. There is a $100.00 per month spousal surcharge and a $50.00 per month tobacco surcharge.


Sick Leave Bank

Members of the sick leave bank donate two (2) days. Up to 15 days may be borrowed from the bank when an employee’s accrued sick leave has been exhausted. These must be paid back within 2 years from loan date.


Additional Insurance

Supplemental insurance plans are available at a cost of $38.00 per month per policy. Family dental is $50.00 per month.


Cafeteria Plan

The City School’s cafeteria plan is a benefit program based on Section 125 of the IRS code and allows premiums or deductions for Health Insurance Plans and Supplemental Insurance Plans to be paid with pre-tax dollars.


Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit is available for payroll checks.



The Retirement System’s Deferred Compensation plan allows an employee to defer $18,000 yearly of his/her taxable compensation. The monthly contributions being deferred may be changed as desired.


Catastrophic Sick Leave

Employees who are members of the Sick Leave Bank & who meet specific qualifications are eligible to donate and/or use sick leave days donated from other employees.


ADPH Wellness Program

All employees enrolled in the Blue Cross Blue Shield medical plan are required to complete the annual wellness requirements to qualify for the $50.00 monthly wellness waiver.


Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Employees who require individual, family or group counseling can access the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) directly without discussion or intervention by management or the school board. Call 205-759-7890 for details.


On the Job Injury

An injury form must be completed signed by the supervisor and submitted to the Benefits office within 24 hours of the injury. If necessary see a medical doctor within 24 hours of the injury.

Some Optional Insurance/Investments Available through Tuscaloosa City Schools:

  • American Fidelity Assurance
  • Metropolitan Life Insurance
  • New Southland National Insurance Company
  • Liberty National
  • Franklin Life Annuity
  • United Health Care vision
  • VOYA Life