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Offer Versus Serve

The TCS Child Nutrition Program follows the USDA's "Offer Versus Serve" model in an effort to educate and inform students on developing healthy food habits.

This model empowers students to make healthy food choices in TCS' self-serve food lines and reduces waste. While students may choose to exit self-serve lunch lines with all components of a healthy meal, the model ensures students place at least three components of a healthy meal on their tray.

TCS CNP employees ensure all students exit the lunch line with at least three of the components offered: Meat or meat alternate, grain, vegetable, fruit, and milk. Students are required to exit breakfast lines with at least three of the following: grain or meat/meat alternate, grain, fruit or vegetable, and milk. Students must choose at least a half cup of fruit or vegetable for both meals.

CNP encourages parents to discuss making healthy food choices with their children at home and school. TCS invites parents to eat with their children at school to sustain these healthy habits.