Careers at Paul W. Bryant High

    • We Supply the Classroom. You Change the Future. 


      "No coach has ever won a game by what he knows; it's what his players know that counts."
      - Coach Paul W. Bryant


      Our school’s namesake understood how to build a successful team. It is a lesson we take to heart.  At Bryant High School, you will enter feeling supported.  We work to help you succeed and grow. Each new teacher will have their own mentor to assist them as they start a career at PWBHS. It's here where you can come in and immediately make an impact and seek leadership opportunities!


      We, the stakeholders of Paul W. Bryant High School, not only believe that ALL students “CAN LEARN”, but ALL students “MUST LEARN” and it is our responsibility to create an environment that promotes academic achievement, athletics, service, and leadership so that graduates are prepared as responsible and productive citizens in a global society. 


      We'd like you to join our team as we: focus on a supportive culture of high expectations for all students; build relationships with our families and stakeholders and create and supporting multiple paths to college and career credentials.  


      Here's why you should choose Paul W. Bryant High!


      School Culture 

      All new teachers benefit from our unique individual and small group mentoring program where trained veteran faculty are committed to being a shoulder to lean on and a guide for your first year.  Additionally, our collaborative group of academic support customizes professional growth for each teacher’s needs and strengths. Bryant’s teachers don’t feel alone in the classroom, have opportunities to find their comfort zone and grow to lead in areas they feel passionate about to make a difference. 


      As part of the Tuscaloosa City Schools and located just off exit 77 on I-59, Paul W. Bryant High School offers teachers the best of both worlds; all the entertainment and athletics brought to the community by The University of Alabama and the incredible convenience for any teacher commuting from outside Tuscaloosa. Our teachers can become true members of the larger Tuscaloosa community without even having to leave home.


      School Leadership

      “I am here and stay here because of our principal, Mrs. Lydia Edwards,” is a phrase you will hear from many of our teachers. With more than two decades of service and a transformational leadership style, Mrs. Edwards is a leader who understands the demand and current needs in education and has built a school administration that is supportive and approachable to our entire faculty. Our new teachers even participate in specific dialogue sessions with administrators to share candid needs for support and to gain resources for their success.