Tuscaloosa Fine Arts Academy: Dance

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    Tuscaloosa Fine Arts Academy Dance Program:
    The mission of the Tuscaloosa Fine Arts Academy Dance Program is to prepare and inspire young individuals for college and professional careers in dance though consistent dance training, high expectations, literacy through the arts, exposure to various dance styles, and performance opportunities.

    Instructors: Ms. Celeste Crawford

    Course Offerings: 

    1. Introduction to Dance I
    2. Intro to Jazz Dance I
    3. Dance II, 
    4. Ballet II,
    5. Dance III - Advanced, 
    6. Modern III
    7. Choreography/ Dance Composition I
    8. Choreography/ Dance Composition II

    Awards and Recognition

    Audition Requirements: Arrive early to sign in & warm- up, dress properly (preferably all black dance attire), hair secured out of the face, positive attitude.

    Additional Information:  National Dance Honor Society