Safety Matters at WMS!

  • At Westlawn Middle School, the safety of our school community is a top priority. We are committed to the safety of all of our faculty, staff, and students. Our students know that if they see something, they are to say something. We are a school family, and we want everyone to feel valued, accepted, and safe. To ensure that our students, faculty, and staff all have a safe and conducive learning environment, we have the following:

    1. A full-time Tuscaloosa Police Department (TPD) School Resource Officer (SRO)!
    2. Monthly Safety Drills that include fire, severe weather, lockdown, etc.
    3. On-going point of entry checks // ID checks for visitors
    4. 24-hour high definition (HD) surveillance cameras
    5. Zero tolerance for negative behaviors and classroom disruptions
    6. WMS School Safety Team

    WMS Safety