About Southview Elementary

Welcome to Southview Elementary School!

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    Southview Elementary School currently has 611 students and 65 staff members. We have two Nationally Board Certified Teachers (NBCT) and several teachers in the process of completing NBCT requirements. We are a multicultural and inclusive school that embraces diversity. We have very supportive parents who are increasingly becoming more engaged in school activities. We also have many community partners, including faith-based partners who are committed to helping us meet our culture, math, and reading goals.

    At Southview, we remove barriers to student achievement while delivering the highest-quality education in a passionate and compassionate environment.

  • Culture of Engagement

    We are working to increase student engagement by providing opportunities for youth leadership with school clubs such as P.O.W.E.R. Leaders, Mindfulness and Yoga Club, Pearlettes Dance Club, Track Club, and Collegiate 100 Iron Sharpening Iron Mentoring Club. In addition, we are providing drug/violence prevention, counseling and character education programs through our school-wide Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports (PBIS) Programs.

  • Experiences Beyond the School Day

     Our after-school program guides extended learning in areas including Academic Enrichment Learning Programs, Academic Improvement/Remediation Programs, Homework Help and Recreational Activities. We make every effort to provide resources in the area of literacy performance to expand student learning in ways that differ from the methods used during the school day.

  • Intervention & Technology Support

    Our students are motivated and supported to be proficient in both reading and math through the use of additional intervention teachers, technology supports, and classroom reading/math campaigns. We also focus on hands-on teaching with activitybased programs such as Alabama Math Science Technology Initiative (AMSTI) to allow 21st century teamwork skills such as critical thinking and creativity.

  • Highly Supported Teachers

    Southview Elementary teachers reported that they are highly supported by parents, administrators and TCS board members. Our teachers are supported by a district-provided instructional coach, elementary technology coach, math specialist and special education specialist. Additional support is provided through our faith-based partners, Adopt-A-School partners, community partners and other community agencies.

Contact Us

  • Southview Elementary 

    2601 Southview Drive

    Tuscaloosa, AL 35405 

    Ronika Amerson 



    (205) 345-1325

Key Facts


    • Providing Breakfast and Lunch daily
    • Increasing technology devices and software
    • Removing barriers to student achievement 
    • Expanding art and music for 4th and 5th grades 


Adopt-a-School Partners

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